What’s in a Logo?

by Dec 13, 2022

A logo has the ability to communicate important values about the group that it represents. Our aim in designing a logo for Grace Bible Church was to create a simple, unique image that embodies what we hold dear. The result was a simple image that allows for some depth of explanation, demonstrating that we have thoughtfully considered who we are and what we’ve set out to do.

What Is It?

Our logo depicts a Bald Cypress tree growing up from an open Bible. It combines an element  of life in New Orleans with the source of all spiritual life in a simple, cypress green-colored design to clearly communicate that we are a church firmly rooted in God’s word.

Why a Bald Cypress Tree?

The Bald Cypress (also known as the Swamp Cypress) is native to the kind of swamp land found in Louisiana, making it the ideal state tree. Some of its remarkable features embody qualities that we pray will characterize Grace Bible Church. For example, the tree’s most recognizable feature is its root system which provides a wide, sturdy base that is often visible above ground. We want our roots, our biblical convictions, obvious to all as they provide a firm foundation facilitating growth. Also, its wood is water-resistant, causing it to withstand Louisiana’s native weather, which includes hurricanes and frequent flooding. Similarly, this church, too, will need to withstand turbulent cultural normalities. Finally, a bald cypress might grow as little a 24 inches per year, but its lifespan can exceed 150 years, making it slow-growing and long-lived. These are features for which we are prepared to labor — steady growth that endures for many years to come. For these reasons, we find the Bald Cypress a fitting representation for our church.

(A special thanks to our good friends at Resound for taking care of our branding needs! Y’all are remarkable!)

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