The origin of every local church is rooted in the ministry of another local church (or multiple local churches). Grace Bible Church NOLA is no different. Grace Bible Church (Tempe, AZ) was committed to equipping the saints for the work of ministry before the need for sound churches in New Orleans was ever being considered by its pastors. As Grace Bible Church (Tempe) was growing in its ability to equip and disciple, God was also working on a smaller scale on the other side of the country.

God saved Omri Miles in February 2008 while he was attending college in Augusta, GA. Along with this new spiritual life came a great burden to bring the gospel to New Orleans, LA, where he was born and raised. However, after graduating a few months later, he would drive 1,500 miles past New Orleans to join Grace Bible Church (Tempe) and learn how to live the Christian life. From that time, Omri began preparing and laboring to see a biblically sound church planted in New Orleans East.

In May 2021, the elders were ready to communicate to the congregation their formal commitment to plant a church in New Orleans. After a few informational meetings, several families started gathering monthly as a core team to begin praying together, learning about the city, and preparing for this endeavor. The core team visited New Orleans on scouting trips in December 2021 and then again in July 2022. These trips and continued meetings refined the core team, resulting in three families relocating to New Orleans – the Robinsons and the Mileses (in November 2023) and the Dudleys (in February 2024). Grace Bible Church began its weekly Sunday gatherings in New Orleans East at Bourgeois & Associates Mortgage, LLC on January 7, 2024.