NOLA Update (October 1, 2023)

by Oct 1, 2023

The Pulpit

  • In the update on Sunday, I misspoke when I said that Randy Buster “purchased” the pulpit. Randy did not purchase the pulpit. Randy BUILT the pulpit! Randy is a very skilled craftsman who practices woodworking on the side. This is the third pulpit like this that he has built for church planters.
  • Cornerstone Bible Church in Katy, TX purchased the pulpit for us because they recognize the preeminent place of preaching in the life of the local church. The announcement regarding their gift followed a sermon I preached this summer. It was such a special time. You can listen to that announcement here (begins at 51:00).
  • CBC has also taken us on as domestic missionaries to support us for our first full year of ministry!

Core Team Families

  • Thankfully, we were able to move into our home before closing. However, due to clerical errors on the part of the city, we still have not been able to close just yet.
  • The Robinsons were able to close on their home and will move at the end of this month. Praise God that they also found renters for their home in Mesa!
  • The Dudleys are still weighing a couple different housing options. Please pray for clarity so they can move into the city before our first corporate gathering on November 12th.

A Gathering Place

  • Lord willing, we will be gathering for corporate worship at Abramson Sci Academy. This is the high school from which I graduated in 2004. It was formerly known as Marion Abramson Senior High School. Since then, it has undergone some significant changes, including a completely new building and a new name.
  • There seems to be an open door for the gospel there. Everyone with whom we interacted at the school when we toured was very welcoming and eager to bring us into the school community. We are excited about building relationships there.


  • I will be speaking at Cornerstone Bible Church’s missions conference on October 27-29.
  • Our website is now able to host sermons and other media. Some older series that I’ve preached in Tempe have been made available and what I preach going forward will be posted there as well.
  • A sermon podcast is also available under the tile, “GBC Nola Sermon Podcast”.
  • For updates and news (especially after we launch on November 12th), sign up using the “Get Involved” section of the website homepage

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